Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions, if we don’t have the answer to your question feel free to contact us and ask!


Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, gift cards are available for purchase in store and you may also now purchase eGift cards on our website.


What makes this juice different from the one that I can get in a grocery store?
Unlike the juice you find in the supermarkets our juice has no preservatives, additives and is not processed. We squeeze and press our own fresh fruits and vegetables.


Why is cold-pressed juice better than other types?
Cold-pressed juice retains more of the flavors, vitamins and nutrients from the raw produce. There are no additives, preservatives or added sugar in our product, just pure juice.


What benefits can I expect to receive from consuming your product?
The benefits of juicing seem to be endless! Juicing can help you absorb all the nutrients from the produce and it allows you to consume even more fruits and vegetables more efficiently. In the average glass of our juice there is 1 to 2 pounds of produce which is often more then some people eat in 1 day. Now imagine all that goodness in one tasty glass! Juicing can help detoxify your body naturally by stimulating and healing the gall bladder, intestines, liver and even kidneys. Fresh juice also has a very high alkaline level which can help the white blood cells clean the blood and help red blood cells because of its high concentration of nutrients.


Are you products gluten-free, dairy-free or sugar-free?
Nearly our entire menu is gluten-free. All of our juices are dairy-free and any smoothie can also be made dairy-free. As far as sugar-free, everything on our menu is free of refined, processed sugars. We do add agave to some of our drinks and foods, which you can find on our menu. However it should be pointed out that fruits contain their own sugars.


Why does my juice look different from the last time I bought it?
Each of our juices is made fresh to customer order so there can be slight variations to each juices appearance. There can be a slight color difference between the same type of juices, for example the Pineapple Bliss, because of the amount of antioxidants, polyphenols and enzymes in each piece of fruit. Your juice may also separate if you leave it to sit, since you don’t put any preservatives in the juice there’s no way to prevent it, but don’t worry just give the juice a good stir or shake and it’s all set!


How long is the cold-pressed juice good for?
The juices will last for 72 hours from the date made so you can store it in your fridge and enjoy it as you like. Drinking it after that time period is not advised because the nutrients will be mainly broken down and the juice is susceptible to bacteria if it was improperly stored.


Why don’t you offer as many pure fruit juices?
Fruit juices have a higher sugar content, granted it’s not processed or refined sugar so it’s not as bad for your body but the benefit of green juices is to alkalize and detox you system.


Where do you get your produce? It is organic?

We use a mixture of organic and conventional produce. We try to source as much organic produce as possible however sometimes given our seasons and location it is not always possible to source the freshest organic produce year round. While in season we also try to purchase from local farms as much as possible, produce from our local partners which is organic.


A reminder we are not medical professionals so please contact your physician or health care provider with any questions before you start a cleanse.

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